Durex Variety Fish Bowl Review

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Size: Regular
Price: $23.30 at Amazon.com

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When it comes to condoms, Durex brand is definitely on the top of the list. No wonder why some people prefer to purchase all their condoms in large packs. As they are already used to this brand, they can save a lot of money by buying in bulk and getting a lot in just one purchase. Safe sex is important and a man will hardly run out of condoms when he has a Durex Variety Fish Bowl in his drawer or on his nightstand.

The fishbowl is actually a large plastic container that resembles a real fishbowl. In each bowl there are 144 condoms. Each one is packed separately and comes with an instruction manual, which is quite funny, but can be useful if they are handed out at an event or maybe at the dorms near a college. They also make great gifts to friends, something that will surely make them smile.

There are many different types of condoms in one bowl, including some colored ones and some with different flavors. Some of the types of condoms that may be included in the bowl are Durex Natural Feeling, Durex Extra Sensitive Ribbed, Durex Extra Sensitive and Durex Pleasure Max condoms. Each one has been tested and is guaranteed to be of the best quality and will not break when used properly. They are easy to put on and also lubricated for even more pleasure.

The bowl looks good making it easy to store your condoms on your bedroom nightstand or even in your living room where everybody can see your excellent collection. The bowl is quite heavy, weighting 1.4 pounds. It is 7 inches tall and 7 inches wide. After you have used up all your condoms, you can easily store candy or other small objects in the bowl. Sounds good? You can get your Variety Bowl at Amazon.com.

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