Trojan Ultra Thin condoms

Trojan Ultra Thin
Condom: Trojan Ultra Thin
Length: 193mm
Width: 53mm
Thickness: 0.05 mm
Price: $7.99 for a 12-pack

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These days, the thin condoms are the preferred choices for many users because they provide better pleasure and sensation. You can opt for these condoms if you want to get a more natural feeling during sex. When you are using these condoms, you are not only getting more pleasure but can also get protection from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. There are several options that you can choose from, and Trojan Ultra Thin condoms are one of the very popular choices today.
Trojan is well-known for producing a wide variety of condoms, but Trojan ultra thin is their thinnest condom on the market today. Trojan condoms are manufactured in the United States and are always triple tested to ensure that consumers get the highest quality. People have been using this brand for over 80 years, which goes to show that its one of the top brands in America.

Trojan Ultra Thin condoms are said to be more than 25% thinner than the regular condoms, but they are made from high-quality latex for reliability. Trojan Ultra Thin is designed to provide a natural feeling, so the head section is thinner than the other areas. Besides that, the end is designed with a special reservoir for added safety, reliability and strength.

Trojan Ultra ThinIn addition, Trojan Ultra Thin is 193mm in length and 53mm in width, so the size is about average. These condoms are made with a micro thin latex technology and the exterior has a smooth, silky silicone material that is lubricated for ultimate sensitivity and comfort. Other than that, these ultra thin condoms are available without or with spermicide.

The good news is that the head of these condoms are thinner to increase sensation and pleasure, but they are just as reliable and strong as the regular Trojans. It’s worth mentioning that Trojan Ultra Thin condoms might not be ideal for bigger men because of the size and thinness.

When using this condom, it’s very important to follow the directions on the inside of the package to get maximum benefits. If used correctly, the condoms can help to drastically lower your chances of getting sexually transmitted diseases. As you know, lesions and other body fluids will transmit STDs during sexual contact.
Trojan Ultra Thin condoms will provide super reliability with extra thinness, plus they are specially lubricated for increased pleasure. Get these condoms today if you are looking for more pleasure and natural sensation during sex!

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