Super Thin Condoms

Sadly, condoms are a necessary evil if you want to have safe sex. There are plenty of people out there that absolutely hate the feeling, and therefore they ditch the condoms. This could end up leading to pregnancy, and in some situations, serious sexual diseases. Is it really worth risking all of this just for a couple of minutes of sexual pleasure? Of course it isn’t! Thankfully though, there are ways around this, and with the introduction of super thin condoms, you will still be able to obtain enhanced sexual pleasure, but without all of the worries.

There are a number of materials out there which are used to craft super thin condoms, although latex is still one of the most popular due to its perceived safety. Although a few new condoms are creeping onto the market made from other materials. These are perfect for those people who may have a latex allergy, and therefore wearing normal condoms may be a bit of a problem.

One of the main reasons why people dislike wearing condoms is due to the fact that sensitivity becomes reduce, both for the man, and for the woman. This is down to the thickness of the material. In effect, you have a rubber barrier which is going to reduce the sensitivity considerably. Now you have two options here, you can either do away with that barrier or increase your chances of pregnancy and sexual diseases, or you can simply reduce the thickness of the barrier, which in turn is going to increase sensitivity. This is where super thin condoms come into play.

Lifestyles ZeroRemember what I said earlier about some men not liking the feeling of condoms? Well, many of these same men have reported that they do not feel the condom when a super thin one is in place. Yet, they are still gaining all of the protection that they need, whilst enhancing their sexual pleasure.
Whilst super thin condoms in the past lacked strength, improvements in condom technology means that they are as safe as any other type of condom out there, therefore it makes sense to use them if you are aiming for the most pleasurable sex, and to be perfectly honest, who isn’t?
The majority of super thin condoms also boast the features that normal ones provide. This is includes the reservoir at the top to trap any sperm, and of course provide you protection, many also include lubricant, although you should always have some extra handy when you have a dryness emergency.

If you wonder how these super thin condoms compare to regular condoms, let’s say that their thickness can go as low as 0,02 mm (for example the famous Sagami Original 0.02) while regular condoms are usually around 0,07 mm thick.

If you really do want to enhance your sexual pleasure, then you absolutely need to try those super thin condoms. You might find yourself surprised at how effective they are at giving you protection despite being so thin. There are thousands of men who swear by these every day, even if they never liked wearing condoms in the past.

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