Playboy Lubricated Ultra Thin Condoms Review

Playboy Lubricated Ultra Thin
Category: Thin Condoms
Size: Regular
Price: $9.89 for a 12-pack

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Playboy Lubricated Ultra Thin Condoms are new condoms on the market sold by United Medical Devices, US company that branded their condoms with a well known Playboy marks. Their condoms are made of a premium quality latex with added lubrication to offer you more sensitivity and comfort. Like the name says, Playboy Ultra Thin condoms are thinner than regular condoms, offering an almost β€žfreeβ€œ feeling. I couldn’t find their exact thickness so I cannot say how do they compare to other thin condoms, like Trojan Ultra Thin or Crown Skinless Skin.
They do display their width and length however – Playboy Ultra Thin Condoms are 54 mm wide, 180 mm long and have a reservoir at the end for more protection. Producer guarantees that each condom is tested individually and passes all quality standards. They come in a slight yellow tint, don’t include spermicidal and have a rounded tip with a reservoir.
If used in the right way and according to instructions on the inside of the package, Playboy Lubricated Ultra Thin condoms will prevent conception and unwanted pregnancy, as well as offer protection against sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS. Depending on your need and budget, Playboy Ulta Thin condoms come in three pack sizes – a 12-pack, a 36-pack or the most economical 144 pack.

It is important to always practice safe sex and use a condom to keep yourself and your partner healthy and avoid pregnancy. There is nothing else that protects you from STI like a condom does. With Playboy Lubricated Ultra Thin condoms you will keep it safe while still feeling the sensitivity and pleasure that these thin condoms provide.

All in all, Playboy Ultra Thin seems like a quality condoms which are well worth the try, especially if you consider yourself a playboy! πŸ˜‰

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