Trojan Charged Orgasmic Pleasure Condoms

Trojan Orgasmic Charge
Category: Textured, Specially Lubricated and Pleasure Shaped
Size: Regular
Price: $10.49 for a 10-pack

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Trojan Charged Orgasmic Pleasure Condoms are some of the most obscurely shaped condoms that you are ever going to lay your eyes open. Although the obscure shape is for the addition of a special reservoir end in order to increase the safety features of the condom. In addition to this they have deep ribs in order to increase the amount of pleasure that is dished out by this condom.

The condom is made with premium quality latex, and that it ensures that it is going to deliver the highest amount of protection from pregnancy and any sexually transmitted disease all of the time. This quality latex is found in the majority of Trojan condom products.

What really makes this condom stand out from the rest is the lubricant that is used. This lubricant can be found not only on the outside of the condom nestled in the deep grooves, but also on the inside of the condom. It is this lubricant that helps deliver the high amounts of pleasure that the Trojan Intensified Charged Orgasmic Pleasure Condoms are known for.

This lubricant does not act as a spermicide. Instead, it is designed to enhance sexual pleasure. It is manufactured using a combination of L-Arginine, Maca and Ginger. This unique combination of ingredients helps enhance the pleasure that both partners are receiving during love making. Couple this with the deep ribbed nature of the condom and you really have an experience like no other. The pleasure that is created by this lubricant is ‘warming’ in nature, and that is what provides the intense amounts of pleasure.

All combined, this is one of the first condoms that Trojan has manufactured which seems to try to enhance the pleasure of both of the partners as much as possible. It may seem odd to look at, but it certainly feels great to use. Get them here.

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