Sensis Micro-Dot Rib Lubricated Condoms

Sensis Micro-Dot Rib
Category: Textured condoms
Size: Regular
Price: $9.99 for a 12-pack

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Sensis Micro-Dot Rib Lubricated latex condoms are designed to offer an all-round sensation as they have a contour shape with special rings and dots to enhance one’s sexual pleasure. In addition, this line of condom has the revolutionary QuikStrips solution on the sides not just to provide a great fit and extra sensation, but for users to slip on easily even in the darkest surroundings. The Sensis ribbed condom can go in a second at the correct orientation, so the sexual passion and excitement is never interrupted.

These sensitive condoms with a micro-dot-ribbed texture are made with a safe and fast application technology. As long as they are used properly, the latex condoms will help to prevent AIDS/HIV, pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections or diseases. Similar to other latex condoms, you should only use one at a time to get the best protection during sexual intercourse.

One of the best things about using the Sensis Micro-Dot Ribbed condoms is that the lubrication and latex smell will not come off on the hands. Users can touch the condom without worrying about pinching or tearing, plus the reservoir tip is spaced correctly for added safety.

Overall, the Sensis Micro-Dot Rib Lubricated have over 120 dots for females and 6 ribbed rings for males; 2 disposable polyethylene patented QuikStrips on the sides and a contour shape to provide users with a great fit and more sensation with each stroke. The condoms are made from high-quality, low odor latex. To ensure safety, protection and reliability, they are electronically tested to meet the standards in the US and other international markets. Here’s where to get them.

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