Impulse Bare Pleasure

Impulse Bare PleasureCategory: Textured condoms
Price: $5.99 for a 12-pack

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Impulse Bare Pleasure is one of the popular condoms from Trustex brand of products. These condoms are the preferred choice for many reasons, but mainly for their ribbed and studded texture that is different from any other condom today. With ten rows of ribbed textured lines at the head and a base with raised studs, Impulse Bare Pleasure condom offers the right combination for deep thrusting.

Even though this Impulse brand has an average size, you can expect bare pleasure when using this condom. The size of the condoms are around 7.48 inches in length and slightly wider than the average width at about 2.05 inches. The unique design will definitely add greater dimensions to the overall satisfaction of your partner during sex. These condoms are designed with pure pleasure in mind, as the studs and ribs will heighten the sensations for both you and your partner.

Impulse Bare Pleasure latex condoms come lubricated and tinted slightly to reduce friction. Here is a breakdown of the features to help you understand why most users are raving about this condom:

  • Studded and ribbed in the right places to offer extra stimulation and pleasure
  • Water-based lubricated to offer a natural feeling
  • Provides pure excitement for you and your partner
  • Reservoir tip added for more safety and comfort

If you are looking for great quality condoms, you will not regret your decision to buy Impulse Bare Pleasure. The ribbed and studded textured lines will certainly provide lots of pleasure and ultimate satisfaction!

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