Lifestyles Ultra-Lubricated Spermicidal Condoms

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Category: Spermicidal condoms
Size: Regular
Price: $16.99 for a 12-pack

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The popular Lifestyles condom brand has released a condom called the Lifestyles Ultra-Lubricated with Spermicide. Touted as being ultra-smooth, strong and sensitive, this condom is proving popular with users.

The Lifestyles brand is well known for their condom and lubricant product lines. Their condoms go through a stringent testing process and strict quality control testing. Their condoms meet the safety and manufacturing requirements of all major countries. In particular, the company tests their condoms for holes using a rigorous water test. The condom is filled with up to 10 ounces of water to see if any leakage happens. This particular test helps to make sure that Lifestyles condoms offer superior barrier protection against sexually transmitted diseases and for prevention of pregnancy. To test a condom’s strength, the condoms must withstand a rigorous air inflation test. Condoms are blown up until they are an astonishing 1 foot wide and 3 feet in height. Other testing the condoms go through includes strength tests and testing for proper elongation. Extensive electronic testing is also used to detect microscopic holes which aren’t detectable to the human eye.

The Lifestyles Ultra-Lubricated with Spermicide condoms are formulated to give the user a very smooth yet still very sensitive experience, while maintaining the reliability and protection people have come to expect from the Lifestyles brand.

In particular, the Ultra-Lubricated with Spermicide condoms come in a package of 3, which is both affordable and convenient. It is also available in packs of up to 144. The condom is treated with spermicidal lubricant which offers additional protection from pregnancy. The condom is available in a natural color, no bright or strange colors that might detract from the experience. In addition, the condom boasts a low latex scent. Some brands of condoms have a distinctive latex scent, which may also be described as plastic-like. This can be an annoyance for some users. These condoms are free of that issue. Order them here for a discrete delivery.

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