Small Condoms – Who are they for and Why it’s Important to Use them?

Condoms are mostly created to promote safe sex. Right now, there are all types and sizes of condoms available in the market. One of such types would be the small condoms. Small condoms are for those who want optimum grip and a snugger fit.

Lifestyles Snugger FitSome men are not comfortable using a condom that is too loose. Those who believe that a fitting condom is more secure than a larger condom will definitely get the smaller kinds. A snug fit allows most men to perform better – if only to gain that confidence during intimacy. A small condom that tightly fits around the penis is not likely to peel off during the intercourse. It would be a little too embarrassing if your condom is left inside the woman’s vagina. This is one of the reasons why men prefer this size over the much bigger ones.

The smaller or the snugger condom size usually measures 7 to 7.8 inches in length. Its width, on the other hand, is normally less than 2 inches. To know what condoms are ideal for you, it might be necessary to measure the circumference of your penis. Note that the standard condom size runs from 7.25 to 7.8 inches in length and around 2 to 2.12 inches in width. The length of the larger sizes starts at 8.1 inch with its width at least 2.12 inches.

Men with penis circumference of 4.5 inches and below would most likely fit the small condoms. Males measuring from 4.5 inches to 5.1 inches can use the standard size condom. The men with penises bigger than 5.1 inches should go for the large condom sizes.

When you buy small condoms, don’t forget to check its size and dimensions. Some manufacturers tag their condoms small although they are considered huge mediums by another brands. Note that every brand has its own size charts. You have to be fully aware of what these manufacturers mean by small, medium, or large. Only then you can decide which size is right for you. Do note also that many manufacturers opt to use the word ‘snug’ or ‘snugger fit’ instead of using the term ‘small’ in branding their condoms. Be guided accordingly.

Condoms are very important tools to help prevent pregnancy and keep you safe from sexually transmitted diseases. The right condom size will provide you with total peace of mind, not to mention ultimate pleasures, during intimacy.

Below are few popular small condoms:

CategoryCondomDescription/ SizeWhere to buy





LifeStyles Snugger Fit

lifestyles snugger fit
Most popular snug fit condom from Lifestlyes, lubricated, unique special shape, has a reservoir tip.

Width: 1.75"/ 44,5 mm (below head)
Base width: 1.92"/ 49mm
Length: 7"/178 mm
Thickness: 0.0027″/ 0.07mm
Caution Wear Iron Grip Snugger Fit
Caution wear Iron Grip Snugger fit
Smaller size lubricated condom from Caution Wear, made of latex.
Length: 6.69" / 170mm
Width: 1.92"/ 49mm
Thickness: 0.27″
Glyde SlimFit
GLYDE Slimfit Premium Lubricated Condoms 12-Pack
100% Vegan approved condoms, smaller in size and lubricated. Perfect choice for Vegans, but also for others who are looking for a smaller condom.

Nominal width:1.93'' / 49mm
Length: 6.7'' / 170 mm
Beyond Seven with Aloe
Okamoto Beyond Seven Aloe Condoms 36-Pack
This condom from Okamoto is somewhere in the middle when it comes to size - it can be used as a regular but also a snugger fit condom.
Length: 7.64"/ 194mm
Width: 1.97"/ 50mm
Thickness: 0.19″

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