GLYDE Slimfit Lubricated Condoms

GLYDE Slimfit Lubricated Condoms
Category: Small condoms | Vegan condoms
Size: Small
Price: $14.99 for a 12-pack

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GLYDE Premium Ethical and Vegan Slimfit Lubricated Condoms are made from 100% vegan ingredients. With an ultra-sheer, form fitting material, GLYDE lubricated condoms are intended to provide superior strength, quality, protection and reliability. These natural condoms are said to be the perfect choices for health conscious persons who are looking for a condom that can provide a snug feel, sensuality and natural comfort.

Since GLYDE slim fit premium quality condoms are 100% plant-based products with natural rubber latex, they are free of animal testing and animal by-products. Unlike the traditional condoms which uses animal casein (a milk derivative), these condoms have a unique formula that utilizes thistle extract. This means that the GLYDE condoms are ideal for vegans and those who are allergic to dairy products and latex rubber. In fact, GLYDE Slimfit Lubricated Condoms are the only vegan-friendly types which are Fair Trade and certified by PeTA Caring Consumer program, The Vegan Society, amongst others.

GLYDE Slimfit Lubricated Condoms are:

  • Certified 100% Vegan, meaning no animal testing or products;
  • Available with natural rubber latex, measures 49mm in width and exceeds FDA standards for durability and strength;
  • Designed with strong, ultra sheer material for maximum comfort.

GLYDE Premium Ethical and Vegan Slimfit Lubricated Condoms are all natural green products, so they are just perfect for persons who are serious about their sexual health. Everyone should wear the right fitting condom for reliable protection and maximum enjoyment, so GLYDE is offering products that can fit the body perfectly and deliver a heightened sensation. Choose these condoms to have fun and help protect the planet at the same time!

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