Trojan SUPRA Condom

Trojan Supra
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Trojan Supra condom was introduced recently to Trojan line of products after years of research and development. This ultra thin, clear and strong condom is made from microsheer, which is an advanced medical-grade material. Even though the microsheer polyurethane is ultra-thin, it’s a strong material that can help you enjoy ultimate sexual pleasure.

Trojan Supra condoms are odor free plus they are made to transmit your natural body heat. These condoms will be also the ideal choice if you or your partner has an allergic reaction to latex. Unlike latex condoms, they are both compatible with oil and water based lubricants.

When designing the Supra, Trojan added a bit space to make up for the limits on its elasticity. As of such, Trojan Supra measures 58 mm in width, when laying flat, and it has a longer length which is 200 mm. Even with the little extra space, this condom should still be suitable for the average man.
If you’re thicker than average, on the other hand, you might be better with a latex condom which is more stretchable.

Perhaps what is most interesting about Trojan Supra condom is that it’s so thin. These groundbreaking condoms with no smell or taste are rated among the hottest new products on the market. Here is an overview of the features:

  • Medical-grade polyurethane without latex allergens;
  • Provides protection from pregnancy and STI;
  • Special reservoir tip for extra safety;
  • Compatible with oil-based and water-based lubricants;
  • Perfect for users who are sensitive to latex condom.

All in all,Trojan Supra condom comes from one of the premium condom manufacturers, so you can expect high quality and reliability. If latex is no option or you want to try something new, why not try the Trojan SUPRA condom?

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