New Computing Technology: USB Condom

Think about it: your mobile phone is connected to a USB charger and there goes all your personal information. And that’s what the new product called the USB condom tries to prevent. This technology provides for something that tech-inspired individuals and gadget-frenzy people will definitely be interested about.

usb-condomLike a real condom that protects you from unwanted pregnancies and more importantly, the risk of acquiring a virus, USB condoms work fairly in the same way. The condom serves as a breaker between the pins of the USB connector, thus preventing further contact. Be reminded that the USB technology works in such a way that it can transmit both power and data at the same time. So even if all the while you only wanted to recharge your phone’s depleted battery, you never know if the public charger you’re connected to is doing something else – like extract pertinent data from your mobile device.

The USB condom works by breaking the data pins, which means you’ll be connecting to the power pins alone. In that state, no data transfer will occur. And that’s the most ideal scenario when connecting to a public charger. The USB condom makes that happen. The USB condom works for many of the popular gadgets and devices today, such as the iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Blackberry phones, and Windows mobile.

In a recent study carried out by BlackHat security researchers, it was shown how a particular phone’s data can be compromised within one minute after connecting it to a public charger. In the same way, it is possible that a malware will be implanted into the phone, which could otherwise compromise the software installed in it, along with the entire operating system.
Orders of the USB condom were currently high that the product became out of stock shortly after it was released. A new batch of USB condoms is expected to be released very soon.

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