Trojan Magnum XL

Category: Large condoms
Price: $7.99 for a 12-pack

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Trojan Magnum XL is 30% larger than regular condom and this is the biggest condom that Trojan Company offers. It has the same length like regular Trojan Magnum, but greater width. This is another high-quality condom that is offered by the most trusted and popular manufacturer in America. The Magnum XL has a tapered base to provide a secure fit, plus a smooth, silky lubricant for sensitivity and comfort.
These latex condoms are among the widest varieties on the market and they are designed for men with a penis size that is larger than the standard ones. Keep in mind that with its extra large size, other men might experience slippage during sex. The condom is also made with premium quality latex that will help to reduce risk as well as a special reservoir tip to provide extra safety. Besides that, the extra large condoms are triple tested electronically to help guarantee reliability.
Quality latex makes them very stretchable, flexible and reliable. Like the other condoms from Trojan, the extra large Magnum is made from the high quality material. This means that customers are getting durable condoms to feel tension free and more protected.

All in all, Trojan Magnum XL condoms are wider and larger than most of the other brands today. With this larger size, customers that are above average in that department will feel more protected and secured while having sex. So, if Trojan Magnum still feel too tight this might be the next perfect choice for you!

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