Trojan Magnum Twister Condoms

Trojan Magnum Twister Condoms
Category: Large condoms
Size: Large
Price: $10.99 for a 10-pack

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Trojan is no stranger to innovation in the condom market, and they have now introduced a brand new concept which has a special ‘twist’ in the centre of the condom. This is designed to provide stimulation for both partners during sex.

The Magnum Twister Condoms from Trojan are designed to be large. This provides extra comfort for the wearer, especially where they feel as though traditional condoms are far too small for their needs. The base is tapered which means that the fit is much more secure, and of course this also adds to user comfort.

The most striking feature of the Trojan Magnum Twister Condoms is the patented ‘twist’ shape that dominates the middle of the condom. This has been especially designed to provide mutual pleasure for both partners during sex, particularly centred around the more sexually stimulating parts of the body.
The Trojan Magnum Twister Condom has been specially lubricated for increased comfort and sensitivity during sex. Like all over Trojan Condom products it is also made from the highest quality latex in order to ensure that love making is as risk free as possible, and of course, also contributes towards increased amounts of pleasure. As with all condoms that leave the Trojan factory it is also electronically tested in order to ensure reliability.

This condom is certainly something that people who wish to add a whole new dimension to their love making should try out. It is one of the few condom products on the market designed with the intention to create pleasure for both partners. You can order it online.

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