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crown skinless skinCondom: Crown Skinless Skin
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Most people are not too keen on wearing condoms because the majority of them are thick and uncomfortable with a strong rubber smell. However, modern technology has changed this as it’s now possible to find thinner condoms on the market. Crown skinless skin condoms are perfect examples with their super thin design, strength and a shape that is more comfortable.
These skinless skin condoms are made by Okamoto Industries, which are the manufacturers of the Crown condoms. This condom manufacturer is one of the largest in Japan and they have been making condoms since 1934. They are well-known for making other condoms, but Crown is one of the most popular brands.
The best technology is used to make Crown skinless skin condoms, so they are thinner without compromising on strength. These condoms are super thin because they are made from an advanced material called sheerlon latex instead of the regular latex rubber. In addition, these condoms are tasteless and odorless.
The skinless skin condoms from Crown are ideal for average size men. Since they are ultra thin without odor or taste, it will feel like second skin to men who are wearing them. This means that they will offer increase sensitivity and a lot more pleasure during sexual intercourse. Most of the men who use these super thin condoms report that it felt like they were not wearing anything.
When it comes to fit, feel, look and pleasure, these condoms are rated consistently as the best on the market by women and men. What’s more, I’ve even heard that the skinless condoms are the preferred choice of some adult film stars who are required to wear condoms in movies.

What makes Crown skinless skin condoms different?

According to the reports, various tests have revealed that they are made from a material that is approximately 50% thinner than the other brands. Even with this thin material, the condoms are just as reliable and strong like the other brands. Crown test all of their condoms with the same electrostatic technology to ensure that the material has the desired strength.
Today, most men have discovered that these ultra thin condoms are offering a number of benefits such as providing more pleasure during sex. If you are not familiar with these condoms, you can find them online. One of the main advantages of using skin less condoms would be that they will still offer the required protection, so there is no need to worry about breaking the rubber.
Overall, Crown skinless skin condoms are made with a super thin, sensitive material but has the traditional straight shape and strength like the regular latex. You should definitely give these condoms a try, especially since they are rated highly by men and women.

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