Night Light Glow in the Dark Condom

Night Light Glow in dark Condoms
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In the past, glow in the dark condoms were regarded as a ‘fun’ device, and as a result were not approved for the prevention of pregnancy or disease. The Night Light Glow in the Dark Condom is the first condom in the world which has been approved both for the use as a contraceptive device, as well as for the use of a disease-preventer.

The main reason why these condoms were not approved in the past was down to the manufacturing processes that were used to manufacture the condoms, coupled with the fact that the chemicals used to cause the condoms to glow in the dark could not exactly be classified as safe. The Night Light Glow in the Dark Condom however makes use of a non-toxic phosphorous pigment.

The condom is manufactured with three different layers. The outer most layers are crafted using standard latex, like most other condoms on the market. The phosphorous pigment is located in between these two layers, which of course contributes towards the safety of the condom device.

The glow of the device is activated in less than thirty seconds. It isn’t too difficult to light up the device either. You can inject a bit of life into it whilst it is still inside of the packet, or you can give it a light source outside the packet, or even when it is on. You only need the lights on for around thirty seconds in order to get the condom looking bright. It will hold the glow for around fifteen minutes, with a slightly dimmer glow for a number of hours after.

The Night Light Glow in the Dark Condom helps inject a bit of fun into the bedroom, without detracting from the safe nature of using a condom. Order yours here.