Glyde Ultra Cola Flavour Condom

Glyde Ultra Cola Flavour Condom
Category: Flavored condoms | Vegan Condoms
Size: Regular
Price: $6.99 for a 3-pack

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Glyde are well known for making some of the most delicious condoms on the market, so good in fact that you will just want to eat them up! (not recommended by the way!). All of the Glyde Licorice Condoms, including this Cola flavoured condom have been designed with a few things in mind.

Firstly, these condoms are designed in a standard condom style. This means that they are smooth on the outside and with a reservoir tip at the end which is rounded over. Due to the nature of the product they do not have spermicide, however they are lubricated. The Glyde Ultra Cola Flavour Condom is made from natural rubber latex. Despite being a standard condom design they have been crafted with user comfort in mind, and thus wearing one of these is fantastic.

The real reason why people buy the Glyde Ultra Cola Flavoured Condom however is down to the taste. These have certainly been designed with blow jobs in mind. They actually taste like they are supposed to as well. All of Glyde’s flavourings have been crafted using the highest quality food grade organic fruit and nut products. This means that there are no ‘unnatural flavours’ added to this condom. In addition to this, all of condom is 100% vegan, which means that nothing has undergone animal testing during the manufacture of the condoms.

Like all Glyde Products each condom is tested before it leaves the factory in order ensure the highest levels of reliability. Order it online!

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