Lifestyles Condoms

Lifestyles is a brand of Australian condoms that is sold by Ansell Healthcare Products LLC all over the world. The brand itself was actually born in United States, Ansell got the brand when they bought Akwell in 1981. First condoms were sold three years later, in 1984. It only took a few years for them to become the leader in their business in Australia and today they are also going strong in Europe. Lifestyles was also the first to market condoms to women and to have a website.

Ansell is said to make some of the finest condoms in the world. Each condom is up to standards and properly tested before being sold. Condoms go through a pressure test a strength test and two other tests that check for any holes. Each piece is of the best quality and totally safe to use.

Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive
Lifestyles has a big product line with many different styles of condoms available. They have stated that their mission is to change everything about safe sex and to make it as enjoyable as having sex without a condom. But they don’t stop with condoms alone, Lifestyles also makes lubricants and a line of vibrating devices. Lifestyles condoms can be bought in many pharmacies and stores everywhere in the world and there are also a lot of online retailers offering these for sale.

Lifestyles condoms have always been voted among the best condoms by both men and women. Here are some of their more popular styles.

  • Lifestyles SKYN®. This is a premium quality condom, first one that is made from polyisoprene, which gives the most sensitivity, almost feeling like using nothing at all. It has a natural skin-like feeling.
  • Lifestyles THYN™. These are the thinnest condoms, even 21% thinner than regular ones. It is also lubricated so you can enjoy maximum pleasure.
  • Lifestyles KYNG™. For a bigger man this condom might be the best choice. It is longer and wider than standard condoms, comes in a flared shape and is lubricated.
  • Lifestyles Pleasure Shaped Condoms. These have an over-sized head for extra movement and the ability to stimulate sensitive areas of both partners. Also comes with lubrication.
  • Lifestyles Pleasure Ribbed Condoms. Perfect for ultimate stimulation with their ribbed texture.

Besides these, most popular models, there are more choices available by Lifestyles as well as collections with several different styles in one pack.

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