What are the Best Ribbed Condoms

Ribbed condoms are condoms that are created with a special textured design in order to add more sensations to its users. For couples who would like to know what brands to try as far as ribbed condoms are concerned, below is a list of great choices:

Durex Intense Sensation

durex-intense-sensationThis ribbed condom is getting a lot of positive reviews from women themselves. The condom is constructed with thirty ribbed rows of pleasure that can definitely make the huge difference. But more than that, the pack comes with a very smooth lubricant and a nice berry scent.
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Kimono MicroThin Ribbed + Sensi-Dots Condoms

kimono ribbedThis condom offers more than just ribs – it has got studs for added pleasure too. A popular Japanese condom brand, this variant is designed to be one-fifth thinner than most brands. Approved by the FDA, it promises strength, reliability, and quality.
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Trojan Ultra Ribbed Lubricated Condoms

trojan ribbedA popular condom brand, Trojan created this condom variant that they named Ultra Ribbed to provide pleasure for her and comfort for him. Trojan Ultra Ribbed offers alternating rows of bumps and ridges for everybody’s pleasure. It is the ultimate condom for men and women who wants to feel more sensations than usual.
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Lifestyles Vibra Ribbed

trojan-ribbed-pleasureOne of the first ribbed condoms to hit the market is this one. When Lifestyles released it, many other condom brands followed suit. So for all the men and women who thinks the original is still the best, get Vibra Ribbed and enjoy the unique experience.
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LifeStyles His & Her Condom

This ribbed condom brand follows this tag line: Shaped for Him, Ribbed for Her. Indeed, this is the ultimate couple’s condom. The shape of it is like this: long on the body and a little wide on the head. Then it has that consistent ribbed design that offers only the best sensations to its wearer and his partner. Last time I checked this one was out of stock in all online stores so I guess they are not producing it.

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