How Often Do Condoms Fail?

The most popular, the most convenient, and the most available birth control method remain to be the condom. But despite its effectiveness, many are still in doubt as to how good it really works. For some, the nagging question they have in mind is, ‘How often do condoms fail?

The simple answer is this: Condoms doesn’t often break. According to statistics, this birth control method fails only 1 to 3 percent of the time. That’s a very low failure rate compared to other contraceptive methods. However, there is always an unfair focus on stories that tell how a condom failed to work more than when it is very effective. Sure, there are many reasons why a condom fail – but most of those reasons are related to user’s error than manufacturer’s defect.

For starters, condoms fail because oil lubricants are used with it. Oil is known to affect the latex’s performance and may lead to breakage. Exposing condoms to heat and sunlight also affects its durability. Same goes when the condom is stocked too long. Not everyone knows that condoms have expiration dates. To be safe, use fresh condoms all the time. When tearing the package and putting it on, extra care must be observed so that nothing would damage the rubber. And don’t forget to check the condom occasionally during intercourse – sometimes it slips off without you noticing it.

Condoms come in special packages complete with instructions. Take the time in reading the fine print, whether or not it is the first time you’re using the product. Some brands needs special handling than the others. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to these items.
Condoms are undoubtedly effective, when proper and consistent use is practiced. They rarely break on their own so make sure that you don’t cause them to. Condoms are not hard to use – they just require a little getting used to.

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