Custom Fit Condoms

A recent innovation in Europe has been the arrival of custom fit condoms which are quite literally made-to-measure. You download a fitting kit and find out which of the 95 sizes will fit you the best – there are a huge range of length and width combinations to choose from.

TheyFit logoThe company behind the range, TheyFit, believe that the better something fits you then the better it will feel. In fact they’re so confident about this that they even offer a money back guarantee, but judging from the sample reviews featured on the side it doesn’t sound like they have to pay out very often.

How do you ensure the perfect custom fit?

There are a few methods actually – the most popular is using the company’s fitting kit (called a FitKit) which will provide you the ideal size code to try. You can also supply your mm/inch measurements and they’ll convert it to a size code, or tell them how you find standard condoms and they’ll give you a size code based on those answers – so for example if you find standard condoms are too tight, they’ll suggest a size codes that is a bit wider than standard. One last thing – the sizes codes are random, rather than labels like small, medium and large – which is quite neat touch as it adds another layer of privacy to the process.

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