The Condom Test by Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is one of the most trusted places to find real reviews of some of the products that we need as part of our everyday life. The test we are going to talk about today is when Consumer Reports took 20 of the most common branded condoms and put them through testing to see if they were strong enough to protect. There have been some unfortunate situations when couples were not careful enough in choosing and using their condom, and 9 months later they are parenting their first child.
In the industry condoms are tested using air to provide a huge amount of pressure. The average amount of air used is 17 to 18 liters and if it breaks under pressure then it is often deemed unsafe for use during sexual intercourse. Consumer Reports believe that this level of testing was not enough. Their tests took 20 of the condoms available on the market and instead of using 17 liters of air, they used 25.
Some of the brands used included Durex, Lifestyles and Trojan and they were set to be put through this challenging test more than a couple hundred times.

The results

lifestyles ultra lubricatedConsumer Reports posted the results on their website after a long and challenging period of testing. They were very happy to announce that all of the 20 types of condoms performed well. Every brand and type was able to meet the minimal requirements for both pressure and volume which allowed Consumer Reports to deem their condom test successful by stating that the products are good enough to be on the market.
The 3 brands previously mentioned; Durex, Lifestyles and Trojan all received extra points as a few of their products did not have any problem handling over the 25 liters of air, in fact Consumer Reports found no flaws at all in over 400 tests.
The conclusion of the set of tests was that all of the leading condoms in the market are safe to use if you want extra protection against pregnancy and various diseases that are transferred through sex. Whilst consumer reports have said that they are good enough to be in the market, you should always take care and make sure you know what you are doing to use the condom properly.

So, here are the 7 condoms that got the best ratings (100/100):

See here how other tested condoms ranked.

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